Retirement Rescue Workshop

Upcoming Workshops:

  • March 19th at 12:30 & 6:15pm at Millennium Hotel

Retirement Rescue Workshop was created in December 2009 to provide a FREE educational program to the public.  It started as a free workshop providing financial and retirement investment education in public setting throughout Erie County.  Since its inception it has expanded to Florida and has become a comprehensive seminar that provides education and investment tools, without selling any particular investment or company.  It is this last part that has set it apart from other investment and retirement seminars and is why it has been so successful.

“Over the years, I have found one common thread in the preliminary consultation of a prospective client, there is a lack of fundamental awareness by the investor of what investments are; what is available, how they work, how to plan for one’s future, importance of risk, diversification, income, taxes, and how an advisor is compensated.  This workshop is the result of something I felt the public needed and wanted.  It is a tool I created to educate the public of these concerns.  A more informed investor is a more successful investor with a stronger future, and a more informed client is exactly what we are looking for at AMG Financial.”   - Alan Gnoinski


Company Workshops:

Retirement Rescue has expanded to become a tool for businesses to bring education to their employees, we offer FREE retirement workshops to companies to help educate and inform their employees, whether it is in the form of the older population of the workforce getting a better understanding of their own retirement needs or in the younger population of the workforce understanding the importance of saving and participating in a deferred compensation plan.   


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